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“Amazing Ocala” is a celebration of our metro area and the people who live and work here. As a part of our celebration, we offer you the opportunity to promote your enterprise, nonprofit, personal events and celebrations free of charge. However, while we invite you and your friends to contribute content, our guiding principle is to optimize the user experience on our site. Therefore, we moderate such content to ensure it is consistent with our mission and policies. To that end, we ask you to login or register to help us moderate more efficiently. If you want to learn more about our policies, you can do so here.

Why Have We Launched “Amazing Ocala”?

We created this site as a vehicle to show our appreciation for the opportunity to work and live in Ocala. To further our mission, we plan to keep building and enhancing it for the benefit of everyone. We hope to connect with our neighbors and make this a meeting place overflowing with information about our town.

Ocala is indeed an amazing metropolitan area nestled in a wonderland of nature. We are surrounded by over six hundred bodies of water. Amazingly, our town is also within easy reach of forests, national and state parks, world class hiking trails and natural springs.

Our economy is thriving thanks in large part to the C.E.P., the national chamber of commerce of the year in 2020, and runner-up on several other occasions. Additionally, the equestrian industry brings billions of dollars annually into our town. To be sure, it will continue to be the focal point of our economic growth for decades to come.

With lifestyle options to please most tastes, a burgeoning support for the arts, ever expanding wining and dining choices and so much more, Ocala is indeed an amazing place to call home. Please visit our site often and help us to celebrate our town!

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