Ocala Video Interview Series

Video interview with Artist Michelle St. Laurent

Michelle is a gifted artist who honed her creative skills at Disney Studios. Learn about her in this wonderful video and meet her at The Art Studio in Ocala.

Katya Vineyards Restaurant – Golden Spoon winner for 2020

The Katya Vineyards restaurant offers outstanding creative cuisine and an extensive wine list. Therefore, it is sure to delight. Learn more in the exciting video interview.

The Serendipity Boutique, Ocala, FL

This enchanting boutique offers a wide range of intriguing clothing items ranging from eclectic to simply fun. Therefore, you will delight in their creative offerings.

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About our Ocala video interview project:

Since we are just launching our website, we did not produce the three interviews posted above. However, they are well done, interesting presentations about local merchants. Therefore, they are well placed here and worth viewing.

Over time, we plan to go out into the community to meet many of you and record video interviews. Then we will post the videos here to introduce you and your businesses to the Ocala community at large. Additionally, if you have already produced a video about your business, send it to us. Of course, we will gladly post it to our video page to promote your business.

While we are excited about the economic future of our community, we recognize that at its heart are small businesses like yours. However, we are also cognizant that many small businesses have suffered from the impact of the pandemic. Therefore, we want to reach out to each and offer to help.

In order to create value for merchants and entrepreneurs like you, we are running a social media ad campaign until the end of this year. Our goal is to encourage our Ocala neighbors to visit this website. Of course, we will absorb all costs. Therefore, the marketing opportunities we offer here are free to all businesses situated in the Ocala area.

Please enjoy our website, contribute and share!
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