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On this board, we offer you an opportunity to create and post coupons to promote your business and attract new customers. In fact, you are welcome to visit as often as you like, change your offers frequently and post multiple coupons. Of course, for our board to have value, people must be aware of it and have a reason to visit. To ensure that our coupon board will attracted your customers, we will be running social media and email marketing campaigns to promote this site. We plan to do so at our own expense at least through the end of this year.


Interactive Ways To Communicate With Our Neighbors

Among the website features we are excited about are three interactive activities. Firstly, our video interviews offer business people in our community a great way to gain free exposure. Therefore, every week we plan to feature videos of interviews with local merchants. Of course, we will reach out to many of you and invite you to participate. However, we invite you to ask to be interviewed as well. Many of our pages feature a right sidebar with a link. Simple click on it, provide contact information and we’ll be in touch. As is everything else on this site, the interviews are free.

We also feature our own Ocala events calendar and everyone is welcome to post activities and events on it. Therefore, we sincerely hope that this website will be a small step towards everyone joining together to aide in the recovery. If we unite in spirit, we cannot fail. We encourage you to engage your neighbors. Take advantage of the tools we offer to reach out to our community and promote your business, social and fundraising events.

The third prong of the triumvirate of promotional opportunities is this coupon board. This tool is very flexible. for example, you may choose any of our many ad type and template combinations to create your promotion. However, consider incorporating a featured photo in every post, to give it a unique feel and style and make it stand out. Of course, you may also download your own coupon to our board instead of creating a new one. Certainly, either way offers you an opportunity to connect with current and future customers. To your success!

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"Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend." - Mark Zuckerberg