Explore Ocala by Map (2432)

How to use this map to explore Ocala:

Surf the map on this page

(1) To begin to explore Ocala, place your curser on the map. Then right click and hold while moving your mouse in any direction you choose. Of course, on mobile devices simply place two fingers on the map instead, and move them in the direct of your desired scroll. The map will move with you to show areas that are currently off screen.

(2) Use the + and – keys to pan in or out and get the google map perspective you desire.

(3) Use the option in the top left hand corner to obtain driving directions to your local destination of choice.

(4) Then go back to the top left hand corner and select to view a larger map. See how your choice of possibilities expands.

View the larger map. Many of its features will make it easier to explore Ocala!

(1) At the top left you will find a search bar which announces that a map of the City of Ocala is currently displayed. If you wish, you may replace “Ocala” with a much more specific location, like the exact address of any destination you desire. Then watch map showing your choice appear.

(2) At the top of the map you will see a menu of city highlights. Click on one, like restaurants for example, and all markers representing locations other than your selected choice will disappear. Wouldn’t it be easier to spot an interesting cafe if its marker did not complete with those of theaters, drug stores, gas stations and the like?

(3) Additionally, on the far left you will find two columns with many other useful options.

Add your business to Google Maps

Is your business too new to have found its way into Google maps, or has it just been overlooked? Did you know that you can initiate putting your business on the map yourself? Here’s how:

(1) Firstly, at the top of the farthest left column find an icon consisting of three parallel lines. Click on it and surf down.

(2) Then, about half way down look for the menu option which will allow you to add your business to Google maps. Click on it, follow the instructions, and put your business on the map!

Explore Ocala. It's an amazing town to call home.

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