Visit Ocala Like A Tourist (616)

Amazing Ocala Historic Downtown

Historic Ocala, the facts at your fingertips!

Visit Ocala. You’ll be amazed. We could not be more excited about our lifestyle, the people who call this community home, and the prosperous future in front of us. Here we introduce our town with links to its past and to were we are today:

Romantic Getaways

Romantic weekends1, a great reason to visit Ocala!

“Visit Ocala like a tourist. It may surprise you. Planning a getaway with someone you love is a great way to escape your day-to-day routine. Fortunately, Ocala/Marion County offers couples of all ages countless ways to get their romance on. Experiences range from rugged, outdoorsy adventures to refined and cultured nights on the town. Here is an array of can’t-miss recommendations.” – Learn more on

Visit Ocala for exciting adventures!

Visit Ocala for the amazing attractions !

Ocala is the perfect destination if you’re seeking an action-packed vacation in Florida. To be sure, this charming city boasts an array of activities, tourist attractions, and thrilling experiences. With its numerous parks, scenic nature trails, rich historical landmarks, and cultural offerings, you’ll never have a dull moment in Ocala. The city caters to all interests, providing a … Continue reading: 21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Ocala (Florida)

The World Equestrian Center is a game changer for the Ocala economy!

Equestrian venues offer global competitions & a reason to visit Ocala!

In Ocala, “The Horse Capital of the World”, the equestrian industry is the very foundation of our economy and way of life. Here are the equestrian venues and events that help to make our town a global destination:

Fine dining offers foodies a great reason to visit our town.

Do you find gastronomic delights irresistible? Then visit Ocala. The choices will amaze you!

The fine dining scene in Ocala features some truly outstanding restaurants. Among our favorite fine dining establishments are Stirrups at the World Equestrian Center, La Cuisine, Amrit Palace and Mark’s Prime Steakhouse. We also enjoy the simpler, but delicious fare offered by Chicken Salad Chick, PDQ and Ivy On The Square. Whether you prefer fine dining, a place to have breakfast with the kids, or something in between, Ocala is sure to offer an establishment to please your pallet. Searching for reviews and recommendations? Open Table is a great place to start if you are looking for restaurants that accept reservations, and Yelp is an excellent alternative if you are also considering those that do not.

The Ocala Ballet

Theater & the performing arts are integral to the Ocala lifestyle!

Ocala offers amazing opportunities to enjoy the performing arts. Certainly, theaters like the Reilly Center and The Ocala Civic Theater are local treasures. However, they are only two of many venues offering opportunities to enjoy plays, musical performances or the ballet in our town. Here are some amazing ways to experience the performing arts here:

Visual arts lovers will enjoy what our town has to offer.

Art museums & galleries add an esthetic touch!

Visit Ocala to enjoy the art scene, an integral part of the Ocala lifestyle. Of course, The Appleton Museum of Art is its focal point. But there is so much more here. Art galleries and artists’ studios abound. Additionally, organizations like MOMA provide venues where budding artist can experiment, perfect their styles and develop their reputations. Here are some extraordinary art museums and galleries at the center of Ocala’s visual arts experience:

Museums offer wonderful learning experiences in our town.

Museums of history, nature, science & drag racing offer learning experiences!

Of Course, there are many other museums of interest in Ocala. They teach us about our history, the nature that surrounds us, scientific discoveries and much more. Each offers a journey into mind expanding ideas and an afternoon full of wonder. What better reason to visit Ocala. Here are a few:

Sources: 1. Image by prostooleh on Freepik

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